Thursday, August 26, 2010

Under the Sea

This is my creative piece for
Found Art Friday and for The Creative Color Challenge, and the theme this month is "To the Sea". I got the idea of painting a mermaid when I found a map I of San Diego (which is where I live), and incorporating the Sea Green color (which is the color for creative color challenge). I painted the mermaid with big long hair, because I always wanted long beautiful hair.

Did not think I would be able to finish this piece in time, due getting ready for my first art show Sept. 12th. I realize having a deadline like this show, has been a real kick to my creative juices, which is what I really needed!! I actually am painting before and after work!! Bonus plus is that I am happy with all my paintings, and decided that even if I don't sell a piece, totally happy that I created all these paintings for myself. I can't wait for the show, and already looking forward to doing another one.

Thanks again to
the talented artist Cathy Nichols for organizing Found Art Friday, and the energetic Louise Gale for organizing the Creative Color Challenge. I really had fun this month with the themes.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Garden Project - Transformed Water Fountain

I was going to toss this fountation, but after looking at the pots, I realized I could use them as planters. I drilled holes in each bottom of the pots in order for the water drained.

Drilling the holes were a bit tricky, because the pot may have shattered. I guess I had good luck with that not happening.

I filled the pots with dirt, and planted clippings from my succulents , and not I have a nice set of garden pots.