Thursday, April 14, 2011

Time Standing Still

Me at Anza Berrgo

I wish time was standing still these days. Many changes will take place in the next 3-4 months for me and my boyfriend. I can't tell yet, but a big change is coming up in August. All very exciting stuff, but time is passing quickly and we have much to do until August. In the midst of the final months to our wedding, we have a lot going on and we are trying to stay focused and not get into arguments.

My creative juices are stirring again, and have many paintings I want to get done. No time to create, so when the creative energy pops up I do a quick sketch. Got a lot of sketches these days, and my hope is to create later when all is a bit calmer this fall. I don't think I can wait until fall to get these projects started, so in the mean time, knitting seems to help feed the creative hunger, as well as baking cookies.

Oh yes, I did finish my 7 year project, and will post photos after I return from our trip to San Francisco.