Thursday, June 16, 2011


Almost a week from now will be my wedding day, and god willing I make it through this week of work. It's really been the worst week ever at my current job. Difficult to keep things in perspective, and realize that work is not my life. I often think work is over rated...well that is if you have a job that is not your passion. In any case, I feel the title of my painting above suits that way I feel work. Imperfect....why should I care?

On to more important news.....

we are moving to St. Louis the end of July. Charlie got a professor job at Washington University in St. Louis teaching ethics. It's an awesome job, and we are excited about that change, and to finally live in a city that we can afford a house with a yard and storage! I love California, but housing ain't cheap, and you don't get very much for your money.

While we were in STL last month we met up with very talented Mary Beth Shaw and her husband John. Mary Beth was my cabin mate last year at Squam, and I enjoyed sitting by the fire drinking wine, and talking late in the night with her and Judy Wise. I was so blessed to have such wonderfully cool cabin mates! Mary Beth and John have been very kind to offer a place to stay while we get settle in STL in August.

Gotta run to pack for my time I write I will be all grown up and married!!