Monday, February 20, 2012


On my second week of being unemployed, and still adjusting to the fact I don't have job. Last week did anything but work in the studio. Just wasn't in the mood to paint. The blues were my friend last monday, but am on the road to feeling better. What amazes me is how much energy and time I put into work, and how much idenity I put into my job, despite the fact my job was not my passion. Thought a lot lately what it means to have a job. Is it something that provides just money, health insurance, and a 401K? I am not interested (at least for the time) working for corporations. Am putting my time towards getting my Missouri State massage license, which will take about a month or so. Much longer than I anticipated. So in the mean time, taking advantage of the freeness I feel lately.

The painting above I used a technique from Mary Beth Shaw's book, where I paint with pastels and not paint. I love this technique! Thanks Mary Beth!

Friday, February 3, 2012

New Beginning

Spring Blossom

Yesterday I was laid off at my job where I work in graphics for a publishing company. I was relieved about the news, because I was thinking about leaving in the fall to concentrate on other rewarding projects. Such as starting my own massage business, and my artwork. The nice thing about getting laid off, is I have no guilt, where as if I left on my job on my own terms I would have some small ounce of guilt.

So today, I feel free. Kinda like I dropped some suitcases, and am walking towards something great, beautiful and peaceful. I did the encuastic painting above last week, and feel in love with the image of the cheery blossom picture. Spring blossom to symbolize a new beginning.

Excited about all the endless possibilities, and living my life on my terms!!!