Friday, February 11, 2011

I have been lacking big time on painting projects the past month. My creative mojo is just not flowing. I think it's because there are big changes taking place in our home. All very good changes, but none the less very draining on my energy. The only creative project I am working on is a seven year project, and I can happily say I am in the final stages and can't wait to share it you. It's gonna be great!

I realized my wedding is five months away and I still have not bought my dress. I can't decide, because there are too many options. However, Valentine's day Anthropologie will launch BHLDN which is their own wedding line . BHLDN pronounced “Beholden,” and is inspired by the Dutch word for “to keep.” I can't wait, and hoping I find a dress from there.

Happy Friday to all, and I send warm 70 degrees weather from San Diego to all of you suffering from bitter cold winter weather.