Monday, November 16, 2009

Set My Spirit Free

This past weekend my boyfriend and I went rock climbing in Joshua Tree, and I found the camping and crisp clean air do my soul good. I find everything about the desert beautiful. I feel it cleanses my body, mind and spirit. In nature I feel free and happy. I think it's my natural way of being. Amazing how work and the every day grind can take it's toll. There was little down time, so I was unable to do any sketching. Plus my hands fingers were tender from climbing! I am ready for the week and hopefully I can finish up a painting or two!


  1. Hey Pippin, thanks for popping by my blog, yes lots of coffee and good planning gets me through, although some days i do feel a little crazy trying to fit everything in. I LOVED Joshua Tree Nat park when i went there earlier this year too... i have some funny photos of me imitating the trees too. :-)

    The sunset, silence and scenery IS amazing isnt it....

    Enjoy your week

  2. I love the desert scenery in your photo! I can just imagine how cleansing it might be. I also feel refreshed and alive when communing with nature. All the best with getting back in to things! :)