Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Monthly Goals

Here are a list of my monthly goals. Since this is my first time doing this, I am gonna keep it
  • Set up my Etsy shop
  • Finish three paintings
  • 60 cards of my design professionally printed, and list them on Etsy
On a side note, got engaged this weekend! Which explains why I did not post my goals earlier this week.

Looking forward to making some huge leaps this month. So far April has been a very fulfilling month.

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  1. Welcome Pippin! You are ever so smart to start on the smaller side list wise, many of us started with lists of 10+ things and never could finish them all... looking forward to seeing your shop, and love the painting up there! have a great April!

  2. woohoo! well done for posting your goals and congratulations on your engagement, fabulous way to start off Spring. Wishing you a wonderfully creative April. xx

  3. Hi & welcome! First off, CONGRATS! Getting engaged trumps over anything else so don't even worry about it. I wish I could keep simple goals but I'm a Virgo so I try to be a perfectionist in everything (don't always succeed lol). But I wish you a happy April & good luck on your goals. `=)

  4. Ooh congratulations!! (Actually, me too!-- A few weeks ago. Its the best, right?) And welcome to the group! I second Liz's opinion about starting smaller. Especially at the beginning-- so this is a motivating force, not a discouraging one. Continue to have a great April!