Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Monthly Goals - Laundry is Ordinary

Here are my goals for June, and once again keeping it simple. I barley completed one goal for April. Where did April and May go? Wedding plans seem to consume most of my time and it's a year away!

June Goal
  • Set up my Etsy shop
  • Finish One painting
  • 60 cards of my design professionally printed, and list them on Etsy
April Goals
  • Set up my Etsy shop
  • Finish three paintings - completed two out three
  • 60 cards of my design professionally printed, and list them on Etsy
It's been a while since my last post, due to some computer technical difficulties. I am back with a new painting, and this one is for Found Art Friday hosted by Cathy Nichols. The theme this time around was 'Ordinary', and to me laundry is ordinary...and not to mention endless. Just when it's all done, a new pile appears! I am one of those strange people who finds solace in house chores, especially when things in my life are not going well. Maybe it's because I am in control, and everything gets put in it's place.

Enjoy the holiday weekend!


  1. This is so beautiful, Pippin. You've certainly made the "ordinary" look special. I love the colors and the entire feel of this piece. Happy FAF!

  2. absolutely adorable! love it :)

  3. p.s. not ordinary at all. extraordinary!

  4. i love what's ordinary
    & ADORE your
    every piece of clothing
    on this post
    & the others
    & also adore
    your sweet spring light
    that comes
    beaming through your blog.
    i'm a follower for sure.

  5. Love this, colors concept and that you got something ready for FAF! I couldnt get my act together in time. :-( Hope you are having a lovely weekend. xx

  6. Pippin! I love your newest painting, so fun and so beautiful... yay for you and June coming up! Hope you have a great month!

  7. I love this lovely laundry piece. Definitely made laundry very special. Good luck with your goals. I would be curious to know what you have decided is the best place to get cards printed. I've been looking for an economical way to do that, as well. Would love to know, if you don't mind sharing. Thanks. :-)

  8. You're painting is beautiful.. reminds me when I was little & my mom used to hang bedsheets up.. I would run around them to catch that clean scent `=). Good luck on your June goals & have an incredible month!

  9. I love things that celebrate the ordinary, laundry is a constant and a proof of life.

    Good luck with your June goals :)

  10. Such a wonderful piece. Laundry is my favorite 'chore' I love the feeling of clean folded organized clothing. And the fresh smell ~ ahhhhhhh!

    I'm new to the blogging world and stumbled upon your blog via Artful Blogging magazine... Cathy Nichols wrote a wonderful article that inspired me to check out her blog then yours. I'm having so much fun diving into this wonderful world. I love your list of goals, you are brave to put it out there and to share both finished and unfinished goals... helps me relax :-)