Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Monthly Goals - Lost and Found

Monthly Goals for August:
  • Get ready for my first art show September 12th. I will have my own booth at the University Height Arts Open September 12th I just signed up yesterday, and there is much to do! In some ways think who do I think I am thinking I can pull this off in 6 weeks? But really I should think what do I have to lose? NADA! If anyone has any tips they would like to share, please do. I need all the help I can get.
June Goals - All finished!

  • Set up my Etsy shop
  • Finish One painting
  • 60 cards of my design professionally printed, and list them on Etsy
This is my creative piece for Found Art Friday, and the theme this month is "Found". I recently got engaged, so this piece represents my future husband (Charlie), and the right corner says 'at last'. Which sums up how we both feel, we found each other at last. Only 10 more months before we tie the knot!

Thanks again to
the talented artist Cathy Nichols for organizing Found Art Friday.


  1. Oh, I love this, Pippin!! It is a beautiful painting with an even more beautiful sentiment. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!! :)

  2. Here is a How To: Craft Fairs tutorial that I did a while back, it has some good tips ! :) Good luck!!

  3. what a pretty image...Congrats on your engagement! Have fun at the craft fair!

  4. Congrats on getting all your stuff done in July. Good luck with your booth at the fair, there is nothing like a deadline to get a lot of stuff done. :) I'm sure you can do it. Have a great August.

  5. Your own booth is so exciting! Deadlines are great tools to accomplish even crazy goals. I'm sure you'll feel great about what you complete for the show. And congratulations on your engagement!

  6. Woot! Congratulations on the upcoming nuptials! And your 1st show - how exciting/nerve wracking it will be! I wrote a whole post filled with my insights on doing shows, take a look if you'd like
    Have a great August!

  7. Oh so excited for you and your show in september, have a lot of FUN getting ready for it, and have a great August Pippin!

  8. Congrats on your engagement (if I had not mentioned this last month)! And wow your first art show.. that sounds so amazing! I'm sure with hard work & focus, you'll be able to pull it off with great success. Good luck on your goals & I can't wait to hear how the art show came about. Take care!

  9. Pippin: I would love to share some info with you in regards to your upcoming show....can you send me an email at That way I can make sure I have everything for you. I don't want to put it in a blog comment. Thanks and good luck with everything...