Thursday, October 21, 2010

Hard Work and Dreams

My fiancee defends his thesis tomorrow, and by Friday night he will be a Doctorate in Philosophy!!

It only took him 7 years to achieve this huge goal. I admire Charlie's drive and focus to stay with something so long. He left a secure job on wall street to do something meaningful with his life. Wall street was not that interesting, and the hours we very long. He told me stories of sleeping underneath his desk! I could not imagine. Charlie left NY to work in a fly fishing shop and to get his brain back. He also traveled alot, and it was during his travels he decided to become a professor.

So tomorrow Charlie will have a dream come true. I realize that some dreams just don't happen, you have to work at them. This is a hard lesson for me. Isn't it a enough I know what I want to do?


  1. Wow congrats to Charlie! That is amazing to spend that long dedicated, but very fulfilling im sure. Love the story of him leaving that nasty Wall street.... its all in us and i love hearing about people that just go for it! Say congrats to him (i know he doesnt know who i am!) but all the same, this is worth celebrating so have a fab weekend both of you. xx

  2. Thanks Louise for the wishes. He knows of you, because of the card I bought from you at squam.