Monday, October 31, 2011

Ocean Blue

Under the Sea

This is one of my recent paintings. I call it Under the Sea, because I am missing the SD beaches. Some days the ocean would look green and then other days very blue. It was comforting knowing the ocean was just a couple miles west of me. But, now I have the great Mississippi river just a couple miles east of me...but it's not the same.

Experimenting with some new techniques that I learned from Mary Beth Shaw's new book. Check it out, it's pretty cool.

Plan to post some of my encuastic paintings that I have created from Judy Wise's hot wax workshop.
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  1. Thanks for the shout out, sweetie. It's been 8+ years since we moved here from SF and I *still* missing seeing the water every day :(
    And hey, did you get a new cell phone? I need your number, email me, ok?

  2. What great colors--OMG, is that an Orbits gum wrapper on the bottom? I LOVE that design!

  3. wow! love this!
    Linda Esterley