Tuesday, January 4, 2011

January Goals

Rose Buds
December Goals
  • Finish large painting for my art show at Ray at Night Art Walk Dec 11th Yup did it!
  • Make enough money at the Art Walk to pay for my entry and then some - Yup did it!
  • Try not to get sick again until next December (Caught the flu in November) - Did get sick for the third time this winter. Anyone else suffering the never ending cold?
January Goals
  • Create new banner for blog and Etsy shop.
  • Approach two stores in San Deigo to see if they will sell my art. (Gulp)
  • Not get sick for a month!
As per usual keeping my list simple. There has been some stress on the home front, so best not to add to it. Plus I don't to push myself too much and get sick again!

Good health to all!


  1. lovely painting :) and Congrats on a good, if sickly December. I too have the neverending cold and I'm really tired of the coughing.. ::sigh::

    Anyway, good luck in January! and congrats on being able to keep your goals simple :)

  2. May all you colds go away so you can get your stuff done. Good luck in January and getting your work in many stores you have a lovely color palette.

  3. ooooo i love this piece!! yeah on accomplishing all your goals!! wishing you luck and success on your new goals!! also NO more getting sick sweetheart!
    hugs and smiles~ jill

  4. LOVE the painting! Hope you are feeling strong and healthy as we start 2011. Good luck on your January goals; I hope the home front stress clears up.

  5. I understand the December sick...I got it over new years and it knocks you off your feet...I love your art piece and hope the new year finds you healthy and meeting all those goals...have a great month...

  6. That is a lovely painting! I've had those colds before and they suck...and they're probably because we don't take the time to stay home and rest when they start...sigh...

    Good luck!