Monday, April 2, 2012

April 2012 Art Goals


It's been almost year since I posted my April Art goals, and it's time I hunker down and write my list.

Keeping it simple, and here we go:

  • Finish three to four encuastic paintings
  • Launch my new bicycle poster series
The painting above was one of my very first encuastics, and it's a very fun and interesting material to work with. Yeah to hot wax!


  1. Your painting is beautiful :) Good Luck in April!

  2. Welcome back Pippin, and I'm thinking maybe you don;t even HAVE to crash a boring meeting to draw, you can just put it in your daily schedule : ) Hope your April is wonderful and can;t wait to see the bicycle posters!

  3. I find encaustic incredibly inspiring. You make me wan to pull my wax back out again. Good luck with all of your goals. Glad you are back with the group. I disappeared for a while too while I redid my site. : )

  4. is already the 11th? Yikes...good luck getting all the new artwork this month. Oh, and I love that you are doing encuastics, they fascinate me.